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Did you know that the spread of covid-19 infection is affecting the sales of lifelike sex dolls? In a March 14 news report by CNN, German sex toy maker Womanizer reported that “sales in January and February exceeded expectations by 50 percent, with demand rising in Hong Kong, the United States, Canada, and Japan. The Los Angeles Times on April 14 also reported that “sales of sex toys have doubled due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, and the level of shame toward sex toys has declined.

According to Mr. U, a journalist living in New York.
“There is another company that is developing AI-powered sex dolls that are also making headlines. Realbotix, a sex doll company, is selling a new male robot with a “bionic penis. The best selling is 100cm Sex Doll The robots are equipped with artificial intelligence called Harmony that allows them to customize their personalities, and all models say and do things differently depending on the customer. The dolls are equipped with a bionic penis that will feel “better than a vibrator.

Finally, I also asked Mr. Yashima of M’s PR about the possibility of selling male sex dolls in Japan.
He said, “Male sex dolls are not sold at M’s, but they have a strong image of being for gay men. We don’t sell them at Ems, but they have a strong image of being for gay men, so we never imagined that women would buy them, and to be honest, they haven’t really caught on yet (laughs). (laughs) But you never know what will happen five years from now, just like the popularity of the women’s sex industry, right? If it’s selling well around the world, I think there’s a great chance of selling it in Japan!”

Wow, the future of the Japanese love goods world is bright! The future of the Japanese love goods industry is bright! Will we ever see a world where people quarrel with their AI boyfriends and have petty breakups, or have affairs with other people’s AI husbands? My imagination is soaring!

Meanwhile, Kaikan News discovered a “male sex doll” reported by the digital media “VICE”. Male Sex Dolls are the ultimate weapon of love goods for women! I’m hoping that this will further reduce the level of shame women feel about their sexuality!

We asked Mr. U, a journalist living in New York, about the reality of these “male sex dolls”.

“Male dolls have been manufactured and sold by LA-based Synthetics since 2010 for the purpose of healing through sex and kinship. The price starts at $6,750 for a “basic male doll” (calculated at 107.58 yen to the dollar, or about 726.13 yen as of April 18), and you can specify the body and skin color you want, as well as the shape of the eyes and nipples, tan lines, tattoos, body hair, etc. You can specify the body and skin color you want, the shape of your eyes and nipples, tan lines, tattoos, body hair, etc.

The photo here is of a doll named “Akira” from the Synthetics website. Her panties are too flashy.
Synthesis is not a factory or manufacturer, but rather a studio of custom-made doll makers. She ordered a life-size doll of herself to give her rock star husband as a special gift that he could keep with him while traveling for concerts. It was this Josie Stevens doll that sparked the company’s founding….

This is Synthetics’ Twitter page, where you can see various types of male dolls with pointy ears.
What kind of demand is there for these sex dolls?

“Originally, there was a lot of demand from the gay market, but then we started getting attention from female customers as well, and around 2015, we started making dolls that are small enough for women to put on top of them and get into a normal position, and that is easy to clean.