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Mini Sex Dolls Are illegal to Buy Or Not?

Compare to an adult sex doll, it is illegal to buy a mini sex doll in some countries.

The first thing I want to say is that sex dolls are adult products. It is natural for adults to use adult products. Even though some of you think that they are too porny.

Secondly, what is the difference between an adult sex doll and a teen sex doll?

There is no clear legal definition of what kind of child counts as a child sex doll, but child sex dolls have obvious characteristics such as not having fully developed breasts, being under 140cm tall, and having no pubic hair, and real sex dolls with these characteristics are child count as sex dolls. Countries like the UK, Norway, AU, and etc can’t buy sex dolls under 140cm. So most young sex dolls sell to the USA and other countries.

Above all, It depends on what countries are you living in.

Mini Sex Doll

The picture above is only 100cm, so if you are from AU or The UK, the sellers couldn’t ship them to you. But there are many choices for you as well. Besides the height, there are also popular dolls for you.

140cm sex doll

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