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The Cheap Sex Doll Debate in the UK

 There is a “The Cheap Sex Doll Debate in the UK” that started around 2017 in the British medical journal BMJ, although some people think that these dolls may be useful for people who have been predeceased by their partners or who have disabilities.

 Of course, we don’t yet have humanoid sex robots that can move and talk autonomously, but as engineering technology advances and AI becomes more compatible with humans, it is highly likely that science-fiction-like human-like sex robots will emerge.

 This controversy was sparked by a 2007 paper that discussed the pros and cons of treating robots as sex workers.

 There is also a paper that argues that rough handling of sex dolls could lead to actual crimes, such as rape, or sexual abuse of children by dolls that resemble children. Since then, researchers have expressed similar concerns about current sex dolls and sex robots, and there have been discussions involving basic ethical and moral issues as well as gender issues.

 This time, a new argument has been added to these discussions. According to an article published in the BMJ by researchers from St. George’s University Hospital and King’s College London, sex robots are no longer the stuff of science fiction, and four companies in the U.K. are selling their products, including a child-shaped product called “Paedobots. A female sex robot with male genitalia is also expected to be available by the end of 2018.

 The researchers conducted an online search of articles using the words “cheap sex doll,” “sex,” “sex toys,” “doll,” “child sex abuse,” and “sex therapy” to determine the potential of using sex robots for safe sex, the potential for therapy, the possibility of treating pedophiles and sex offenders, and the impact on society’s ethics and morality. The researcher searched for articles using the terms “child sex abuse” and “sex therapy,” and analyzed them in terms of four themes: safe sex through the use of sex robots, therapeutic potential, the possibility of treating pedophiles and sex offenders, and the impact on the ethics and morality of society. As far as the researchers could find, there have been no studies or reports on the health effects of using sex robots.

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 As a result, there is a lack of accountability for health risks resulting from the use of sex dolls and sex robots, and there is no proof of prevention of sexually transmitted diseases. There is also no proof of prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.

 The therapeutic effects on the elderly, disabled, and sexually dysfunctional people are also not clinically clear and may contribute to social alienation because of the possibility of diluted interpersonal relationships. The possibility of psychological treatment for pedophilia and sexual violence has also been suggested, but the risk that the use of a mini sex doll may increase such sexual urges cannot be ruled out.

 Because sex dolls and sex robots generally resemble women, they may lead to misogyny and misogyny and have a negative impact on social ethics.

 Dolls and robots do not feel (or appear to feel) pain. If they are in a private space, they are allowed to do whatever they want to private property. But researchers warn that there is no scientific evidence that these sex dolls, which resemble women and girls, will prevent rape, child sexual abuse, or sex crimes.

 We are seeing more and more “machines that talk to people” in our daily lives, like smart speakers. This is partly due to the evolution of AI technologies such as search engines and automatic speech recognition (ASR), but it is also due to the fact that we humans have become accustomed to this environment.

 Whether it is VCRs or the Internet, it is well known that the demand for sex-related products has expanded the market and users. Will we be able to get used to it when machines replace us in the very familiar activity of sex?

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