The Comparisons Between Sex Dolls & Real Women

Here is the thing. If men didn’t love sex dolls, the struggle between women and sex dolls wouldn’t exist. Previously, I read a woman’s request for help on Reddit’s community, she said that although her boyfriend said he only loved her, he still refused to discard sex dolls. And as a woman, she has never been able to tolerate the existence of sex dolls, always feeling weird, and sometimes even unable to look at sex dolls directly. This makes her spirit on the verge of collapse, so she asked the network in the end what she should do. So let’s do the math.

As to men, they feel that they can’t live without sex dolls. Why?
The good things:
1. They can go for the unusual style, like Anime Sex Doll, BBW Sex Doll, or ​Teen Sex Doll​.
1. They don’t need to care about their feelings. To check out if she is happy or not. They can just do whatever they want to them. But with real women, they couldn’t and shouldn’t. They need to take good care of women.
2. They can release their desire and pressure. Men can have sex almost all the time. Watch a hot tv, they wanna have sex, maybe a beauty, they will have the desire too. So they will need one sex doll. But women can’t have sex all the time.
3. Due to the high tech, what men only dream about, nowadays, it came to reality. They can buy one and enjoy the beauty and touch and etc. They won’t need to chase women so hard, and there is no 100% that they will get good results.
4. If they have a tight budget, they can go for a ​Cheap Sex Doll​.

The bad things:
1. They can’t talk, share.
2. They don’t react like real women. 
3. They need to be cleaned before and after sex.

As to women, there is no comparison. They even don’t know why men are obsessed with it. They are just dolls. 

Above all, maybe you can understand why men love sex dolls, but a real woman is a queen, they are the best.

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Charles is the HYDOLL brand owner, operating the brand sex doll sales for many years, has a wealth of experience in understanding sex dolls, all-round to tell us the deep connection between sex dolls and adults and healthy intimacy.